Artist Pranav: I was almost in tears

He was born without hands into a family with considerable financial constraints, in Palakkad.


However, Pranav M B never let any of it come in the way of his dreams. The 21-year-old, who recently completed his graduation in BCom, uses his legs instead of hands to do everything, including writing his notes to doing pencil sketches. Two weeks ago, when he heard that Sachin Tendulkar, whom he has admired for long, is coming to Kerala to inaugurate the prestigious Champions Boat League(CBL) races, he decided to do all things possible to make another dream of his come true – meeting the cricket legend, in person.

“I still can’t believe that it’s already materialised, and I want to thank the people of Kerala for the same,” says the young artist, who first tried for the same through CBL authorities, after making a pencil sketch of Sachin Tendulkar. “Basha, a football player from Alappuzha, who is one of my well-wishers, contacted the authorities with the request. But he was told that in short notice, it wouldn’t be possible due to security reasons. That’s when we decided to make an attempt through social media.”


He made a social media post with his sketch, expressing the wish to meet the Master Blaster and hand over the sketch to him. Pranav’s friends, well-wishers and others generously shared it on various social media platforms. And what’s more, Sachin himself noticed it.


“Within a few days, I got a call from the authorities saying I would get the chance to meet the cricket legend, and I couldn’t contain my happiness,” he says. But, that wasn’t the end of his struggles. The youngster, whose family consists of his dad, a carpenter, brother who has just completed his college and an ailing mother, didn’t have enough money to even go to Alappuzha to meet Sachin. “Thankfully, a few came forward to help me with the transportation to Alappuzha.”

Pranav met Sachin at a resort in Alappuzha, and got to spend about 20 minutes with him. “I was almost in tears, but was pleasantly surprised when Sachin asked me, ‘How are you Pranav?’ I asked him, ‘May I give you a hug?’ and he said, ‘Of course’,” Pranav says. When he explained Sachin that he was physically challenged and is an average artist, Sachin apparently said, ‘No way! You are specially gifted. Even those with hands can’t make such sketches easily’,” Pranav explains. Interestingly, Sachin even offered to help Pranav further, through his organisation. “I was blown away by his simplicity and patience,” he says.


One might wonder what more a youngster wants but Pranav is not someone to let go of an opportunity that easily. “I am a big fan of M S Dhoni too and had taken with me a sketch of him, to show Sachin. He assured me he would put in a word with MSD too! I hope that dream too comes true,” says the excited artist.


Courtesy : TOI

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