‘Have Not Forgiven Jonty For It’: Sachin Tendulkar on Being First Batsman to Be Given Out by Third Umpire

Former South Africa cricketer Jonty Rhodes was known for his supreme piece of athleticism, with many batsmen becoming the unwitting victims of his genius in the field.

Among them was none other than legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who more than 26 years ago, became the first ever to be adjudged run out by the third umpire.

In a light hearted conversation with Rhodes and Brett Lee on the sidelines of the World Cup, Tendulkar said he has still not forgiven Rhodes for it.

Recalling the moment, Tendulkar said, “Jonty put the fear in me… no singles were available in the point region, or even at cover or extra cover. He would cover the entire ground. I’ve still not forgiven on him. He got me run out, the first ever third umpire dismissal,” Sachin said in a video posted on his official Youtube channel.

“He still has to make up to me for it,” he added in jest.

The run-out during the India-South Africa Test Series of 1992 had gone down in cricket history as it was the first time that technology had played a significant role in the dismissal of a batsman.

Reserving high praise for Rhodes and Lee, Tendulkar said he shares a great bond with both of them. “They competed hard and in the fairest possible manner and that helped us build a relationship off the field because there was respect. We got along really well,” he said.

Mirroring the sentiment, Lee said he shared a good rapport with Tendulkar because both of them gave everything on the field and went at each other a 100 per cent, but they left it behind when catching up off the field. “We respected each other on the field and that enabled us to be better friends off it,” he said.

The three cricketers also shared some laughs as they took rapid fire questions on each other’s cricketing careers and personal lives. Watch the full video below.

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