I don’t think player like sachin will come again in this world says Rashid khan

During an exclusive interview with Cricket Soccer, Rashid Khan revealed a lot of aspects about his game and how he felt when he received the motivational message from none other than Tendulkar.

Question : First of all, tell me have you seen the tweet of Sachin Tendulkar in which he has mentioned you as the best bowler in the T20 format? If yes, then how did you react when you saw it for the first time?

Rashid Khan (RK): It is surprising that you asked me, ‘have you seen’. I think there will be no one [who is a cricket lover] who haven’t seen that tweet.When I finished my match [in Kolkata] and came to bus and opened my mobile, I got the message from my friend. He sent me screenshot [of the tweet]. I just saw that he [Sachin] tweeted about me. I think that is the best thing to happen. I think that encouraged me a lot, that really motivated me. Then I was thinking for two-three hours, what to reply to him, how to say thank you. Because I don’t’ think that such a player will come again to this world. So, getting a tweet from him regarding the best leg-spinner is very special.

Question : Bowling to Tendulkar is a dream of every bowler. But you are born in an era in which you won’t be able to do that in a competitive set-up. How disappointed are you?

RK: I would love to bowl to him. I think taking his wicket is something else but you know just bowling to him is a dream of every player, every bowler. So, I should consider myself a little bit unlucky not to bowl to him.

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