I wish we become a sports playing nation: Sachin Tendulkar

When Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar came to Nagpur to inaugurate the ongoing Krida Mahaotsav, thousands of fans gathered at Yashwant stadium for a dekko of the Master Blaster. Dressed in denims and blue shirt, Tendulkar charmed every one with his humility and simplicity.


Known to be a man of few words, Tendulkar was greeted with the chants of ‘Sa-chin’ that echoed in the stadium for a while. In chaste Marathi, he spoke about the need to change people’s outlook towards sports. “India is a sports loving country, I wish we become a sports playing nation. That is the need of the hour,” said Tendulkar.

In the view of increasing stress levels in the society and sedentary lifestyles, he stressed on the need to be active as he shared, “It is important for everyone at every age to at least go to gym or play a sport. It is vital to inculcate this habit and stay fit; I want each one of you to become the ambassador of fit India. This way we will save a lot of national wealth that is spent at the hospitals.”

The best known cricketer in the world, made a confession that surprised his fans. “Before I started playing cricket, I wasn’t a disciplined person. It is is cricket that instilled a deep sense of responsibility and discipline in me,” he said.


He also motivated the youngsters, who look for icons to inspire them. He said, “Those who say that it is impossible to achieve a particular goal, must remember that impossible word itself says – I M Possible.”


“All you need is the willpower but there are no short-cuts in life. Youngsters look for heroes to inspire them when they take up a sport, but the idea is to hone your skills and become the role models for others,” he added.



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