My son should be ‘Arjun’, there should be no comparison, says Sachin Tendulkar

For fans all around the globe, the name Sachin Tendulkar rhymes directly with the sport of cricket. In his 24-year career of cricket, the Indian batsman broke almost every record. He scored 15,921 runs in Test cricket which included 51 centuries in 329 innings. He also scored 18,426 runs in 463 ODIs and scored 49 tons in the format.

Now that the master blaster has retired, his son Arjun Tendulkar is creating headlines in the same sport as his father. Recently, the young cricketer caught the attention of Australian media with 24-ball 48 and 4 wickets in a match at Bradman Oval.

Speaking about his son, Sachin said that he is giving him the freedom to explore his choices. “He’s (Arjun) trying. Like my father gave me freedom, I’m giving him freedom. Whatever he wants to be in life, he has to give his best,” the 44-year told Times of India in Greater Noida during the Auto Expo on Wednesday. The former Indian batsman further added that he wants his son to find his own self.On being questioned if Arjun could be the next Sachin, he said, “No, he should be “Arjun”. He should be Arjun. There shouldn’t be any comparison,” he said.

Tendulkar further added that Arjun should focus on the sport and not worry about the media pressures. “Those things are there but his focus should be on the game and on his passion. That is what as a parent I would want. Comparisons would happen; if they want to do it, they will. But what I’ve learned from my father is that whatever work you’ve gone to do, keep your focus on that. Rest of the things will continue to happen,” he said.

On being questioned about India’s current team, Tendulkar said that he does not wish to compare teams. “I don’t like comparing teams. Because when we start comparing, we kind of subconsciously take away something from someone. They all have contributed in their own ways and to get to this level, all the players have sacrificed and worked hard. So I don’t like taking away something from someone,” he said.

He further added that everyone should continue to support the team when they do not perform. “I would rather say that whatever the team is, if we are doing well right now, we should stay with them and appreciate it. If they are not doing well, then we should encourage them, and support them,” he said. “Everyone wants to win. Some players have a different body language; some are different from the inside. Eventually, what matters is that everyone wants to win,” the master blaster added.

Courtesy : Indian Express

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