Sachin, I think is god , where Batsmanship is Concerned : Sir Vivian Richards

Sachin Tendulkar  not only just another player on the cricket field; he is a part of our homes, an integral constituent of our everyday life.

He has had 23 years of consistent running amok across the world, destroying bowling attacks, and submitting captains on to their knees. Sachin wasn’t just another legend, he was a myth troubling every bowler until they came face-to-face with the man. At 5 foot 5 inches, Sachin sent shivers down longer spines and even starred in nightmares of certain renowned bowlers.

In a generation where idols are difficult to imagine, and those successfully being smothered by their fame and money, Sachin Tendulkar was a temple of idealness. Children wanted to become scientists, but cited him as their inspiration. Tendulkar created reverberations across all fields and marked his stamp in the influenced eyes of the youth.

No player in the world has  yet reached the stage where the stadium would become empty after he gets out, a stage where fans would switch off the television when he gets out, a stage where a train would stop to watch him score a hundred or a stage when crowds from distant lands would flock to the stadium just to watch him play. This is Sachin Tendulkar. Our God, Our Emotion.

For a lot of people in India, Tendulkar means life. There have been so many people who fasted when Sachin batted. Many people celebrate his birthday as if it is their own. A lot of people relate their life’s incidents to Sachin’s scores. Sachin is like a son to a lot of fathers and mothers; a grandson to a lot of elderly citizens.

Sir Vivian Richards, Sachin’s idol, said   Sachin is God where batsman ship is concerned.


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