“Sachin is an ideal role model for youngsters” Gavaskar reacts to Master’s tribute

On the occasion of National Sports Day Sachin Tendulkar tribute to his idol Former Indian Captain Sunil Gavaskar.

Master Blaster published a note on Facebook where he wrote ” Early in my cricketing journey, Sunil Gavaskar made the kindest gesture any senior sportsman could have for a young athlete with passion in his heart; he gifted me his pads and to this day I consider this gift a priceless treasure. I’ll never forget the sense of encouragement I felt receiving them; every child should feel so special.”


“What I admired most about him was his commitment to technique. Watching Gavaskar’s Straight Drive inspired every batsman who came after him. All any of us could do was try to attain that level of control. It was a motivating point for me to work hard at my own Straight Drive. Hearing it being even remotely compared to his, still fills me with joy.
“To me, Gavaskar always was and continues to be the epitome of unwavering concentration and courage. To step out on to the field against a team that was well-known for ferocious pace bowlers, sometimes without even a proper helmet for protection, and still achieve one of the highest batting averages in his career. All I can say is … Wow! ” wrote Sachin.

Reacting to Sachin’s tribute Gavaskar told to India today  “That’s very kind of him, that’s very sweet of him and I can only reciprocate by saying that…you know.. some years ago I write it to Telegraph of UK that he is close …. to batting perfection that I have ever seen.”
Gavaskar also added Tendulkar is an ideal role model for the youngsters

“He is such an ideal role model for the youngsters to follow himself because of the way he has carried himself on and off the field. His demeanour on and off the field has been absolutely incredible. So he is fantastic role model. He had so many pressures on him, the pressure of expectations, yet he handled himself absolutely terrific and therefore like I said he is a absolutely fantastic role model. And now I see that in his 2nd innings of his life he is doing a lot of charity. These charity initiatives are absolutely terrific. And I think he feels a great sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from these charity initiatives in the 2nd innings of his life than his 1st innings of life where also he did so much for India and the indian cricket level public.” Said Gavaskar

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