Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer agree to exchange notes

Wimbledon and the International Cricket Council on Monday indulged in some light-hearted banter over the quality of Roger Federer’s forward defence. The ICC drew parallels to cricket’s own GOAT, Sachin Tendulkar. On Tuesday, Tendulkar took notice and praised Federer’s technique on Twitter.

The  Wimbledon defending champion overhit a backhand during his rather one-sided win in the fourth round over Adrian Mannarino. When his opponent returned the ball, Federer diverted it to the ball boy by punching a forward defence. It has to be noted that the ball came straight out of the middle of the racket. “As always, great hand-eye co-ordination. @rogerfederer, let’s exchange notes on cricket and tennis after you win your 9th @Wimbledon title,” said Tendulkar in his tweet.

Federer responded to Tendulkar later in the day, saying that he is ready to take notes right now and there is no need to wait till the end of the tournament.

“why wait? I’m ready to take notes! @sachin_rt,” Federer wrote in his tweet. While the two iconic celebrities had their pleasantries exchanged on the social media, the fans rightly cited it as ‘GOAT (Greatest of All Time) meets GOAT (Greatest of All Time)’.

Here is the tweet : Click Here

Tendulkar has confessed on many occasions that he is a fan of Federer and is a regular at the All England Club when The Championships are held.

In an interview Federer also said “Sachin Tendulkar is the Indian sport person I admire the most. I met him when he visited Wimbledon. He was a lot of fun to talk to – and he is a legend. Whenever I play cricket video games, I always pick Sachin as my batsman.”

“I’m glad I got to meet him, we had tea in the terrace at Wimbledon. I remember the meeting clearly,” Federer said. “I enjoy meeting great athletes. It is an experience for me. I like picking their brains, seeing how it works. I enjoyed my time with Sachin.”

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