Sachin Tendulkar hails India’s Asia Cup triumph

Sachin Tendulkar praised Team India for their great show in UAE, where they beat Bangladesh in the final to lift their seventh Asia Cup title.

Sachin Tendulkar hailed Team India for their victorious Asia Cup 2018 campaign in UAE and said that it was a complete team effort.

“I did not see all the matches. Whenever I see, I feel happy for the way we (Indian team) are performing”, Tendulkar told reporters after flagging off the Mumbai Half Maraton at the Bandra Kurla Complex.

“I will give the credit to the whole team. Individuals come and perform well, some players play the series well, some players cannot perform as desired but eventually I’ll say that I feel happy after seeing the team effort,” Tendulkar said.

Speaking about India’s triumph in the Asia Cup under skipper Rohit Sharma, Tendulkar said: “I would like to congratulate everyone. Eventually what you want is a good team effort and that the team has performed well,” said Tendulkar.

India were unbeaten throughout the tournament and five matches and drew one game against Afghanistan in the recently concluded tournament.

He also spoke about the importance of staying healthy and fit.

“The bigger picture what we are looking at is the good health of India, getting used to living a healthy lifestyle, looking after your health and staying fit.

“I was brought up by my grandmother who used to say that your health is your real wealth and the same message I would like to give to the entire nation. Look after your health and stay fit,” he said.


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