Sachin Tendulkar lauds the Wankhede crowd

Be it lifting the ICC World Cup in 2011 or hanging up his boots in 2013, Sachin Tendulkar has always seen a jam-packed crowd in Wankhede whenever he has walked out to bat. Hence, on the final night of the first edition of T20 Mumbai, a massive turn-out didn’t surprise the Master Blaster.

“Mumbai spectators are known for this. This is what I expect from Mumbai crowds because they love quality cricket and that is what I have grown up with,” he said.

The league which was watched by many in the stadium, and on their TV sets alike, attracted a lot of people to come in and cheer for their respective sides. “That is the perfect tonic for any sportsperson to go out there and give his best. The more they support, the harder you want to try,” said Tendulkar while talking about the importance of supporters in the stands.

The eleven-day cricketing extravaganza saw a plethora of match-winning performances and several youngsters making a name for themselves. However, Tendulkar also pointed out the performances from experienced cricketers like Pravin Tambe and stated that the league is a perfect platform for professionals to showcase their skills.

Tendulkar, whose marathon career of over two decades was signified by his sheer sportsmanship, praised the players in T20 Mumbai for playing in the right spirit.

“I thought this tournament was played as hard as one could possibly play, and it was played in the right spirit. That is what matters the most.”

The brand ambassador of the league, Tendulkar was extremely pleased with the quality of players on display and mentioned that some of them have a bright future in the game. After having closely followed the league since its inception, he further added that the second season will be bigger and better.


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