Tutorial from a legend for Jemimah Rodrigues

Indian teen cricket sensation Jemimah Rodrigues has met legendary Sachin Tendulkar a few times before but her interaction with him on Thursday morning was special.


For it was the first time 18-year-old Jemimah had a chance to bat in nets in the presence of the batting great at the MIG Cricket Club ground.

Tendulkar kept a close watch on Jemima’s technique as she produced some fluent front foot and back foot drives against throw downs.

Sachin Tendulkar, Jemimah Ridriges

“I have always been speaking to him. Every time I meet him, there is same excitement and I stand in awe. Luckily, today I was batting and he was there to guide me. It was really good,” Jemimah told DNA.

The Bandra girl said Tendulkar spoke about her stance and batting. “He told me about my stance and how my bat should be closer to the body. However, he said there is no need to change anything immediately as I have been playing well, doing well in the matches and that I should be myself,” she said.


Jemimah, who later on Thursday left for Jaipur for Women’s T20 Challenge where she will be playing for Supernovas under Harmanpreet Kaur, also asked a few questions mainly about how to deal with expectations and pressures.

“I asked him how he dealt with expectations, especially someone like him (Tendulkar). He said ‘We had same questions during the World Cup and all of us had decided to think about how one billion people are not sitting on our heads or putting pressure. In fact, they are backing us, walking with us. Knowing that so many people are there with us makes the difference. It gave us confidence and motivation to do well’.”

Jemimah said she wanted to know how to handle the pressure that comes with expectations. “I actually wanted know this. I go through the same sometimes. I faced these problems and people expecting something from me and when that happens, I am not at my best. Sir got mind through it because he has dealt with the same 10 times more than what we go through.”

“I was a bit nervous but Sachin sir is amazing. He makes you feel comfortable.

“Also, before going to South Africa, he had called me to his house. He made me feel comfortable. I was nervous as it was my first tour to South Africa and he told me how to deal with bouncy wickets and that they would enjoy playing there well as the ball will come on to the bat nicely.”

Jemimah also said that Tendulkar had few words on her batting. “Sir told me to always keep mind blank and react to the ball well. Earlier, it was difficult to do as my mind used to be occupied,” she said.

Jemimah said that the timing of the meeting was perfect as she was heading for an important tournament. “This was supposed to be held later but it happened at perfect time. I’m just blessed. This will boost my confidence.”

Earlier, Tendulkar inaugurated the MIG CC pavilion named after him before launching the Tendulkar Middlesex Global Academy.


Source : DNA

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