Watch: Sachin Tendulkar feeds dehydrated bird which landed on his balcony

Sachin Tendulkar posted a video on his facebook page, where he was seen taking care of a bird, which was dehydrated and landed on his balcony in Mumbai.

The bird, which was apparently a Black Kite, was seen resting on Tendulkar’s balcony after failing to fly because of being dehydrated due to the extreme heat. Tendulkar went on to say that it was attacked by crows as well and therefore, it was looking to hide as it couldn’t fly to protect itself.

The 45-year-old wanted to help the poor creature and offered it chicken and bread crumbs and it munched onto it. The cricket legend then went onto call people from an NGO, who specilaise in animal treatment.

Two people came in and informed the Master Blaster that it is tired and dehydrated due to the extreme conditions. They then went onto keep the bird in a box and feed it.The duo from the NGO added that it will take five to ten days for the bird to recover and take flight. However, due to the intensive care from the people of the NGO and Tendulkar as well, the medium-sized bird of prey of the Accipitridae family recovered within three days and flew off.

After that, the batting legend had one advice for the people of the country. He said that people should keep water outside their houses and terraces, so that these birds can drink some of it and stay hydrated. He just asked the people to do their bit for everyone who needs it.

“A good deed brightens a dark world. Always be up to lend a helping hand, be it to humans, birds or animals. Do your bit!”

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Article Source : India Today

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