When dada made a comeback,sachin was very happy for him

“I was batting at 110, I think. I was very tired. I had batted really well and was very happy. But, the handle of my bat had loosened and needed to be fixed. So, I sat on a chair with tea and started taping the handle of my bat. At that point of time, Tendulkar, who had already played 40 Tests by then, came to me and said, let me do it. You take rest and enjoy your tea. It was a great gesture from Tendulkar to help a ‘youngster’.” Sourav Ganguly said during the launch of his autobiography ‘A Century is not Enough’ at Taj Lands End in Mumbai on Wednesday.

In reply, Tendulkar first pulled the leg of his former teammate for calling himself ‘youngster’ before talking about their long-lasting bond. “Sourav is older than me (laughing, to which Ganguly answered- yes, but only six months older). I had a good bond with Sourav even before he played for India. We had met each other in age group cricket and shared a dressing room during the tour of 1992 in Australia.

“When he made a comeback, I was very happy for him and I was really happy to help him. That is what a teammate is supposed to do. I would have done the same thing for any ‘youngster’.”

Source : Hindustan Times

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